Unity Church of Healing Light in Huntington


Services at Unity Church of Healing Light Sunday Service: 11:30am
Sunday School: 11:30am


Events at Unity Church of Healing Light We hold a variety of exciting events that bring the community together.


Unity Church of Healing Light Gallery We have a beautiful church and we post our Sunday Services for at-home listening.

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Rev. Saba on WLINY Internet Radio with “17 Seconds” host Helen Cernigliaro

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Unity Church of Healing Light

The Unity teachings can be described in a number of ways. Fundamentally, we believe that everyone, regardless of their station in life, background, income, education, culture or family situation, is a child of God. We believe that God loves all of his children – each of us, and wants the best for all of us. We believe that as children of God, we are worthy of and entitled to live a good, healthy, productive, fulfilling, prosperous and successful life. Learn more here

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