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Unity Beliefs

book-unity-church-of-healing-light-huntington-long-islandThe Unity teachings can be described in a number of ways. Fundamentally, we believe that everyone, regardless of their station in life, background, income, education, culture or family situation, is a child of God. We believe that God loves all of his children – each of us, and wants the best for all of us. We believe that as children of God, we are worthy of and entitled to live a good, healthy, productive, fulfilling, prosperous and successful life.

persons-unity-church-of-healing-light-huntington-long-islandWe believe that the Spirit and essence of God dwells within each person, and as we recognize and connect with it, we will be able to express and demonstrate the good that we desire. As we align our consciousness with the presence and power of God within us, we will realize that the good we desire is actually the good that God has revealed to us that is possible for us to experience.

heart-unity-church-of-healing-light-huntington-long-islandAt Unity Church of Healing light, we believe Jesus when he said, “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”  We teach that God (our Higher Power) wants all of us, and that means YOU, to live a healthy, happy, prosperous and successful life, filled with love, harmony and peace.

church-unity-church-of-healing-light-huntington-long-islandIn Unity, we study the life and teachings of Jesus the Christ. We emphasize His Christhood, rather than His personhood.  We teach that the same Spirit of God, the Christ, that was in Jesus, is in all people. We realize that Jesus expressed the Christ spirit to it’s fullest, and our goal is to do the same.

lightbulb-unity-church-of-healing-light-huntington-long-islandWe present the Unity teachings in a very practical and easy to understand manner. We realize that many people have similar life experiences, whether in regards to health, employment, business, careers, family. As such, we present the teachings of Jesus and the spiritual teachings throughout the Bible, in a way that can help everyone understand and apply them to improve any and every area of their lives.


We teach an affirmative approach to prayer rather than a supplicating approach.  This means that we affirm and claim the good that we desire, rather than begging, pleading or bargaining with God. We believe Jesus’ statement that “It’s the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.”. We therefore pray in confidence, knowing that the good we desire is the good that God has already prepared for us. We pray believing that “Before they call, I will answer, while they are yet speaking I will hear.” In affirmative prayer, we lift our consciousness above and beyond the “problem” and focus our attention on the desired outcome.


Unity Church of Healing Light
Believes That . . .

  1.  The nature of God is Absolute Good, which expresses as happiness, joy, peace, love, abundance, wholeness, beauty, and harmony.
  2. God is everywhere equally present at all times.   The totality of God is in every situation, community and every part of the world, now and always.  There is never a time or situation where God isn’t present. (“There is no spot where God is not.”)
  3. Everyone is a child of God and is loved by God, regardless of their past or present circumstances, or their station in life.  God has no favorites.
  4. God’s spirit is within every person, which means that our basic nature is good and that everyone has unlimited potential.
  5. God wants the best for everyone.  Jesus told us “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom,” which is joy, happiness, fulfillment, harmony, love, abundance, success, all-good.
  6. There are spiritual laws that anyone can learn, that will enable them to live a more fulfilling, happier and more successful life.  These spiritual laws are in the Bible and were taught by Jesus (and others.)  One example is the Law of Giving and Receiving.
  7. Anyone can make conscious contact with God through prayer and meditation.  (Prayer is speaking to God.  Meditation is listening to God.)