Did Jesus Have Faith? – Pt. 2

In part 1, we learned that faith was the perceiving power of the mind, linked with the power to shape and mold substance.  Faith is also an inner conviction that that which we desire is already ours.  It is a sense of confidence that positive experiences will unfold in our lives.  We also learned that Jesus realized and fully expressed his Christ-being.  Charles Fillmore wrote, “Jesus became consciously one with the Absolute Principle of Being.”  Jesus fully identified with and expressed this Principle, God, in everything He thought, said and did.

When Jesus discovered his Christ self and acted from that perspective, He went from Jesus the man, to Jesus the Christ.   The Christ is the presence and power of God that is in every man, woman and child alive today and that has ever lived.  It is spiritual man, the spark of divinity that dwells within everyone.  It is the seed or pattern of wholeness, peace, joy, abundance, love and happiness.  The Christ is that in us which is God.  This Christ is in everyone, regardless of their outer conditions or their level of awareness.  Jesus came to reveal the Christ to mankind and to show us how to connect with and express it, even in the face of negative and limiting circumstances.  The Apostle Paul told us that we should “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.”  Phil.2:5)

Jesus was able to confidently perform miracles and heal the sick because He knew that he was one in consciousness with God, that it was God in Him doing the work, and that with God, all things are possible!  We asked the question: “Did Jesus have Faith?”   The answer is a resounding NO!!!  Jesus didn’t need faith because he had “KNOWINGNESS.”  Jesus didn’t merely believe that he could perform miracles – HE KNEW IT beyond a shadow of a doubt.    In Matt. 8:5-10, the centurion asks Jesus to heal his servant who was home ill.  Jesus responded by saying “I will come and heal him.”  Jesus didn’t hesitate or say that he will try to heal the servant, nor did he ask any questions about the man’s condition.  He spoke the word with confidence:  “I will come and heal him.”  In response, the centurion said that Jesus didn’t have to come to his house to heal his servant, “But only speak a word, and my servant will be healed.”  He knew that Jesus could heal him from right where he was – miles away from the servant.  The centurion also expressed “knowingness”, whereby Jesus said, “I have not found such great faith in all of Israel.”  

Everyone expresses knowingness in some form.  We all know our address, telephone numbers, names of our children and parents, social security number, etc.  If asked for any of this information, we will not draw on our faith or belief in our ability to provide the information.  We will KNOW the answer and simply provide it.  There would not be any doubt or hesitation on our part.  Jesus was showing us how to develop the same type of “Knowingness” in regards to our health, relationships, finances, career and all aspects of our lives.  We should “Know” that our health, relationships and finances can be healed and that we can overcome whatever is not for our highest good, just like we “know” our address and social security number.

There are four steps to developing a “Knowingness” consciousness:

  1. Meditation and the Silence  We should take time regularly to still the mind and body, to sit in the silence and meditate on aspects of God and his goodness.  In doing this, we open ourselves up to the realization of the Truth of our being.
  2. Listen We are to listen to the “still, small voice” of God within us.  We should be able to discern the voice of God from the intellect or the ego.  We are to listen to the inner promptings of Spirit.
  3. Obey Once we have heard the inner promptings and urgings of God, then we must obey.  Oftentimes we receive an answer to our prayers, but we don’t obey it, we don’t follow through and do what it tells us to do.
  4. Repetition We learn most things through repetition and we can apply this same process to developing a Knowing consciousness.  We should repeatedly put the law into action.  We should repeat affirmations of truth daily.  We should read and recite uplifting and motivating passages of scripture daily.  We should step out on faith often.  

Jesus taught that we should have faith and believe, but these were merely “spiritual training wheels” that for us to use until we evolved into the Christ consciousness and are able to say with Him: “The Father and I are one.”

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