Learn About Us

What time is your Sunday service?
Our Celebration Service begins at 11:30 AM and ends at approx. 12:45 PM.

How long are your services?
Our Celebration Services are around one hour and fifteen minutes, ending by 12:45.

Where are your Sunday services?
We are at 203 E. Pulaski Rd. near the corner of Park Ave and Pulaski Rd. When you enter the ground floor, come upstairs to the sanctuary.

What happens at a service?
Our Sunday Celebration Services are uplifting! You’ll experience great music, friendly people, and the practical messages you hear will help you deal with the real-life issues you face during the week.
We sing contemporary spiritual music led by our Music Director. We have a guided meditation and time of silence. Rev. Saba provides a lesson in practical spirituality. Our service ends with us forming a circle to sing “Let There Be Peace on Earth”, the Unity anthem.
We celebrate God in an inclusive, loving and inspiring environment. Come and feel the joy of Spirit moving and flowing through you.
We request that you not bring food or beverages into the Sanctuary. Water is acceptable. Feel free to partake of food and drink in the Fellowship Hall before and after services, meetings and/or classes.

How do I meet people?
After every Sunday service we have fellowship with coffee, tea, “alkaline” water, and delicious food. We invite you to join us so we can get to know you and let you know other ways to meet people and participate in meaningful ways.

What do I wear?
Unity is a welcoming place with a casual environment where you can come as you are. Most of us will be dressed casually.

What denomination are you?
Unity is non-denominational and welcomes seekers from all spiritual paths. We teach the spiritual truths throughout the Bible, with a particular emphasis on the metaphysical teachings of Jesus the Christ, who we refer to as “our Way shower”. He showed everyone the way to their own salvation. To those seeking spiritual growth and a closer relationship with God, Unity offers a positive, practical, progressive approach. Unity is not dogmatic. We don’t tell people what to think. We teach people how to think, and how to use their thoughts, words and feelings to experience a better and more fulfilling life.

I have children; do you have activities for them during your services?
Starting at 11 a.m., our Sunday School and Youth Ministry serves children from Nursery through 12th grade.

How can I learn more?
Read Unity Beliefs for starters; then, if you want to know more, explore the other pages on this website. You can experience part of our Sunday service, the minister’s message, by listening online.

How do I get involved?
Start by joining us on Sunday mornings! There are many ways to get better connected with our community. You can take one of the many classes or workshops, join one of our small groups or volunteer in one of our Service Teams and Ministries; please check the Calendar to find out what’s happening this month. Volunteer opportunities within one of our community teams offer meaningful service with others who share your interests.